Thursday, November 13, 2008

My day just got better

I call this one..My Sister Probably Loves Me More Than Yours Does (and this doesn't include my other sisters because ya know..that's a vicious circle..and obviously untrue)

I believe she's putting a picture of these in her blog too but Hannah my beautiful cake/cookie making genius of a sister texted me just as I was crawling into bed for a nap and asked if I'd gotten her package. Package? Me?? Something I didn't send away for?? I got excited. No, I'd told her..I hadn't..but now I can't sleep because I'm nerdy and get extra excited when I know something's coming in the mail for me. She was bummed and said she'd sent it a week or so ago and had it 3-dayed. It takes a little longer for things to get here than it does anywhere on the mainland but I told her I'd head out to the mailboxes to check. I had a key waiting for me! Horray! Key means package!!

I rushed it inside (whenever I get packages in the mail, I always feel like the neighborhood is jealous. Especially when the package says something like "Happy Birthday!" on it. I'm childish like that) and sliced it open. COOKIES!!! Cupcake cookies!!! Then I smiled because cupcake anythings are just so Hannah and whenever I randomly browse for things for my family (ya know..if I were rich and could buy everyone anything. Fantasy shopping) I look up all things cuppycakes for Hannah. An apron..a tree ornament..stationary. Ya know. So I smiled because awww, she IS totally a cupcake! That dollface.

Han, they made me smile. Thank you. It's nice to feel like even though I'm so far away from the family and my heart hurts all the time because of it..that I'm not totally forgotten and even though I can't order cakes from you (or O who has *never* made me a cake on my birthday but would order them from you if he could) find a way to send me a nice (and pretty!) treat anyway. You little sweetheart! I love you!


Hannah said...

Awww thanks Abs. You're worth it!

Langen Family said...

Happy late B-day. I realy thuagt of you yesterday but i got crazy busy. Anyway hope you hade a great day. I luv Ya!!

Jenna Consolo said...

That Hannah, she's really something, isn't she? You deserve it! And they're so cute! (and I bet delicious too!)

Tamara said...

oh my gosh, i forgot your birthday because i am the worst friend ever. happy birthdayyyyyyy my dearest abbo!