Friday, November 28, 2008

32 Days

Alf season one disc two has just been added to and moved to the top of my Netflix list. Why just that one? Family already knows the answer. Because that's the one with Oh, Tannerbaum!

For those of you without's a little something special for you!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

You're welcome.

My only gripe about Alf on dvd is that they cut stuff out of it. Like..anyone else notice how the part about "that'll be my lover" got cut out? That scene was one of the best parts! Booo!!!!'s something.


Hannah said...

Yay Alf!! Yeah I noticed the missing parts. I found this episode online a while ago and was like wait a second, there's stuff missing here. Oh well. I guess most is better than none at all.

How'd Orion do on the shopping?

Abby said...

Orion did horribly. I mean..he got stuff..just nothing we'd hoped to get during the sales. He left here at like 3:45 in the morning to Toys R Us hoping to get the boys a swing set. This is the only T.R.U on the entire island and with a sale like that? You KNOW it's going to be crazy busy. By the time he got there, the line wrapped around the building. Yeah. So by the time he got in, all of the tickets to any kind of play structure in our price range (we already got a smaller trampoline for them but were hoping to get something else and a swing set seemed perfect) were already taken. And things are SO expensive to ship here from the main land that it's like if we can't find it in stores here..then there's no point because I refuse to spend more on shipping than the item itself.

It was a learning experience. Next year we'll be more prepared. How'd you do?

Hannah said...

Oh man! I'm sorry. I went to toys r us last year and that line was nuts. This year I went to (gasp!) Walmart. It was awesome! The store is 24 hours so I went inside at 3:30. They had everything already out so you could put what you wanted in your cart you just couldn't check out til 5 am. Got everything I went for. Even ran into Emily!

Keep checking the sales ads for that playset. There's still a month until Christmas and the stores still want your money. They'll try their best to earn it!