Monday, November 24, 2008

The 27th Twenty-Fourth

Today is my darling husband's birthday! He's the ripe ol age of 27 (he was 23 in that picture but I love it anyway) and I swear to you, that man gets better looking every day (is it weird that I LOVE his crow's feet?? They're just so darling!).

Orion is the absolute love of my life. I'm not even that old and I feel like I've been through a lifetime of broken hearts and hurt feelings and being stuck and frightened and needing to get out of situations. Maybe choosing to go all out and live with whoever I wanted to live with early on in my life prepared me for this. All of those years I spent crying were so that I could experience the awfulness before I'd be given Orion. And that's how I feel about him - he's a gift. He was very literally given to me in that he very literally showed up on my doorstep and after a couple of days of talking, I found out he was going to be evicted and he would either go live under an underpass (which bothers me to THIS DAY that his parents who HAVE money wouldn't help him) or volunteer to go to Kuwait (and while it was a well-paying job..he probably would have been killed). I couldn't lose this man who I barely knew but felt instantly connected to from the first day we met. He moved in. I basically moved from my bedroom 2 stories up down to the basement so I could hold him on the nightly. It was instant and it was delicious.

This man of my heart is insanely lovable. He's tender with me and strong (when need be) with the boys (but don't get me wrong, he totally gets down on the floor while the boys climb and giggle all over him and they play dinosaur until all 3 of them are worn out). He wants nothing more than to take care of his family and I'd say he's doing a remarkable job.

I absolutely adore you, love! Happy birthday, you old man.

Now..I need to get busy on your cake while the boys are sleeping.


Jenna Consolo said...

Happy Birthday, Orion! We love you for loving our sister so well!

Raelene said...

Happy Happy Birthday Orion*!*