Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh yeahhhhh...I be forgettin!

So Hannah sent me a text last night asking for pictures. While I don't *love* the color right now (because it's a little blotchy. Going from dark black to a lighter color isn't exactly the easiest feat in the world)''s just meh. Anyway..



It will be fixed. It's just hair and it can be fixed. The speddy girl in the pictures, however..cannot be fixed. You must love her anyway.


Hannah said...

Hahah Speddy! That's awesome! I haven't heard that word in like forever!

I LOVE the color and can't see the blotchiness. And Hello skinny face!!!! Your face looks sooo think Abs!!!

chelsea said...

you are so lucky to look so good with red hair, and you look so natural with looks gorgeous girl, and trust me i'm one for knowing about going light from a you'll get there, does look gorgeous still beauty

Sarah said...

I love it! And I agree with Chelsea, it looks so natural on ya!

hilary said...

I think you look amazing with dark hair, but honestly, you pull off every color you've had fantastically! I love it!

Jenna Consolo said...

Looks great! Like always!

YogaNana said...

We give it four thumbs up. :o)