Friday, March 14, 2008


He's's out getting his baggage right about now..which is the only reason I'm writing. I have a very shaky video..however, I was on the news. A lot. Well, I don't know how much is actually going to appear..but they hunted me down the second I got there..interviewed me..and then went away for a bit. They came back to ask if I was going to make a lot of noise or if I was going to stay calm..obviously I was going to be whooping and they mic'ed me back up and filmed the whole screaming..the really really bad shaky kisses when O ran up to me. It should be on the news later tonight..and I'm thinking the video will also be on their website. I'll keep an eye out for it and then link it.

Golly, I hope I don't look too ridiculous. :(

"Look at this dweeby wife..pathetic" I can just see it! Aww geezeeeee!


Saint Holiday said...

I am grateful to God that the Hero returned home safe and sound. I can not fully express my happiness for you. I appreciate his service and sacrifice, and I hope he will not have to be separated from you again. I love you.

Hannah said...


Welcome Home Orion!!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Yay! I was so happy all day thinking about him being home! I sure hope we get to see that video on the news! Congrats to the whole family, and live it up!

YogaNana said...

EEEEEEEYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! from San Francisco! (yep, all of it, the whole city)

I wanna see the video, I wanns see the video, I wanna see the video!!!!!!!!