Thursday, March 13, 2008

Less than 24 hours!!

I had homecoming dreams last night haha. I had a dream that I was supposed to go get him and was running around the house trying to get ready and there were piles of laundry and trash EVERYWHERE (I think that's more of a nightmare for me..) and I couldn't find my bra or make up and I was crying because I'm missing the homecoming ceremony and he's going to think I don't love him because I'm not there and the house is destroyed and I don't have time! No time!! People were walking down the street with their just returning loved ones and I rushed out to get him and couldn't find I had to start calling out his one knew where he was. But then BAM! There he was and we were hugging. I then brought him home to the disaster (which it's actually not.. I mean, I need to scrub the toilet and bathroom sink and wash my sheets..but that's really all because I was up all late last night washing fingerprints off of walls and scrubbing the bathroom floor (even old toothbrushed the corners) and doing laundry and basically as much as I could get done last night so I'm not totally frazzled by the time I go to bed tonight). The dream basically ended there. He said the mess didn't bother him..but you know it did haha..I mean, seriously..who wants to be away from home for 13 months and then come home to a dump? Not me. No, sir..not I.

Maddox was supposed to have his 12 month check up today..but I canceled and rescheduled for the *cough*second*cough* time. I just have WAY too much on my plate today and I need to be able to get as much of it done as I can. I don't really want to have to go out on errands for the first few days he's home, ya know?

Let's see..I think it'll be in this order:

  • Walmart for a new rug (because ew the one that's there now has been puked on by babies more than I'd like) and champagne flutes. I *think* that's all I need to grab from there..
  • Sally Beauty Supply for pedicure stuff
  • The PX (post exchange for all of you non-military slang speaking folk) to grab new Bath and Body Works body spray (saves me a trip to the mall to get it, really) and I can pick up beer or whatever while there too..which saves a trip to the Class Six (liquor store on post).
  • Grocery shopping (the Commissary is next to the it flows)
  • Home to unload and let babies take their naps
  • Take the car to the car spa and watch as they do all of the work for me
  • Dollar Tree to pick up balloons for the outside of the house. I already picked up small-ish American flags and the Welcome Home sign is done (I never said it was pretty because artsy, I am not.)
  • Hopefully I can squeeze in some tanning if Chelsea is available
  • Dinner
  • Baths for the babes..bed for the babes
  • I run around like crazy getting everything in order
  • Wash and dry hair
  • Go to sleep alone for the last time (ehhh for a while anyway). Hum "No More Lonely Nights" as I'm falling asleep because hahaha yayy!!!

  • Wake up abruptly to alarm.
  • Jump out of bed (maybe literally..)
  • Shave..because I've been waiting all week to shave so I'm extra smooth and buttery feeling. All to drive the man crazy just a little bit more. Ah ha ha haaaaa.
  • Straighten hair and something with it. Not sure what yet.
  • Make up! Can't forget the make up like in the dream!!
  • Get dressed
  • Get babies up and dressed
  • feed babies
  • Hang sign and balloons..stick flags in the ground. (I think it's supposed to rain over night..otherwise I'd do it the night before)
  • Pick up random toys the crazy babies were playing with and put them away

  • Leave to pick up Orion.

Oooohhhhh SNAP, ya'll!!

And so my day begins..


tamara said...

AHHH!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! Take lots of pics at his arrival!! OMGGGGGG

Hannah said...

No More Lonely Nights! Never be another. No more lonely nights!!

Isn't that Paul McCartney? Man.

Hilary said...

How sad... I'm an accountant who can't count. HA!

Well girl, we've all been looking forward to this day and I'm soooo happy and excited for you both! I can't even imagine how excited and frazzled you must be.

I can't wait to see all of the homecoming pictures! Love ya!!! *biiiiiig hugs*

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, I had the most beautiful dream of Orion's homecoming last night. It was so vivid and emotional. I remember hugging him and just crying with gratitude for his service and with love for his part in your life, and for being so good to you. I could FEEL his soul and how good it is. I don't know how to describe it. But in the dream, we were all there to welcome him...even Grandmom VS and Lori...and we all had a party at her house. I am so excited for you, sis. I cry with joy every time I think about it. You deserve the best homecoming reunion ever. I hope it's magical and sweet. I love you.

Sarah said...

I'm so anxious for you, Abby! I got tears of excitement just reading this post! Can't wait for the arrival update and lots of pics!

Hannah said...

Yes but I'm sure she'll have more important things to do than post tomorrow so we'll all have to wait a while.