Saturday, March 08, 2008

5 Days! (well..4 1/2..but who's counting?)

All of the snow outside makes me want to go get one of these and then find some porch stairs to pack with said snow. Ah..childhood memories.

I also can't wait till the boys are begging me to go camp outside in a few years. I have so many fond memories of a bunch of neighborhood kids (seriously..weren't there like 50 kids on our street alone? I know I can account for about 30 between 3 houses..) getting together to camp out in cars and in garages and homemade sheet tents and yes, even roofs (what was wrong with us??). Back in those days (because I'm soooo old, ya know) I remember neighbors taking turns to keep a distant eye on all of us throughout the night. Things have changed for sure. I'd probably let the boys sleep in our a tent..but you'd better believe I'd take turns with Orion throughout the night to make sure they were safe. I still want them to have the experiences I had (well..I don't want them sleeping on any roofs..) but the world sure doesn't feel as safe as it once did.

I will say though..that being a kid in a small town in New Jersey sure was a heck of a lot of fun. And I know a few of you *cough*mysiblings*cough* who read this will totally agree.

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Hannah said...

Yeah it's sad because I'll see little kids, like Bella and Ash's age, playing outside on our street by themselves and think "where are their parents?" I would never let my kids out there by themselves. It doesn't help that we have a convicted child molester down the street.