Monday, March 10, 2008

3 Days!

There were seriously HUGE wild (uhh..I'm assuming) turkeys outside the gym this morning. I took a picture with the cellphone..but was too afraid to get too close because who wants to be chased around by turkeys who think their lives are in danger (if they even do that)? Not me. No, sir. I sent the picture to my e-mail address and hoped they would turn up. Of course they didn't. But I promise they were there.

While on the treadmill I heard a very familiar small voice so I looked down into the basketball court and there was Calix! He joined their little activity time for the very first time today. He was pretty confused about the whole thing.

he's the one in the green shirt outside the circle

I surely was a proud mama today

Well..WAS until we were a mere 2 blocks or so away from home (in Chelsea's car. Look..I had a huge pile of snow behind my car..which was kind of fun after the gym when I went tanning and ended up balancing basically on top of the mound with my front wheels spinning trying to reverse all the way over the thing and couldn't get over until I pulled forward and then slammed on the gas to reverse quicker and thus make it over.) and this happened because I wouldn't give him a snack in her car:

yeah, that's vomit. He straight up made himself vomit. It shot out of his mouth and nose multiple times and stunk to high heaven. Chels pulled over so I could clean him up a bit. It was mostly in his seat and on him..some splattered on the floor..but she had papers it wasn't SO bad and a small bit also got on her seat. I was gagging up a storm because me and vomit don't love one another. Now, if he was truly sick..or just doing that general nervous puke thing that some kids do when they know a parent is coming home from being deployed (isn't that weird? I think that's so strange that kids do that)..then I forgive him. It just seems too convenient that we denied him food in the car and then ya know..stuff..everywhere. I was mortified to say the very least. Chels was a good sport about it..but I know her husband's going to be fairly angry because that's a brand new car. I'm sorry.

Things are cleaned up now.. babies are in bed..and husband is in transit to coming home. Life is good.


Hilary said...

He'll get over it... a little puke splatter never killed anyone ;-)

HOORAY for your hubby coming home tomorrow!!!!!

chelsea said...

he'll just be angry at me for not ever getting those floor mats....cuz well i keep putting if off...

Jenna Consolo said...

Hey, Abs? Just speaking from experience with a bunch of carsick prone kids...when they're young and they're getting carsick, they often don't understand that sick feeling in their tummies and they mistake it for hunger. So, I don't think it was a punishment or manipulation. Poor guy. But gross. BEEN THERE. Aiden puked all over his scout leader's van a week ago. YUCK. The older they get, the grosser it gets.