Thursday, February 07, 2008

37 Days!

So old do I look?

I heard today that 2 people thought I was like 30 or 32. I then heard I have a mature face. Um...

Hmm. Do I? I still feel like I look 12. me..I'm still that scrawny nerd in green corduroys and a purple teddy bear shirt. My hair is still down to my butt and gross and it's forever in a low ponytail. I still look like this in my mind:

(golly, no wonder guys didn't like me!)

I still feel way too young to have a "mature face", ya know? I'm starting to wonder how old everyone else thinks I look. I don't look 25? Really?

I'm still that nerd for sure though..for sure:

Hey, Maddox. So another thing..someone put it out there a few days ago that like..Maddox isn't Orion's..because he doesn't look like him. Oh, okay..have you tried looking at me when I was a baby? Also..don't question my fidelity ever..because I will kick you. It's just mean spirited to even suggest such a thing.


Hannah said...

DUDE!!! Who said that?!? That's just wrong. Yeah Calix looks like Orion and Maddox looks like you.

Also, you look 20ish to me. 30? No way. 12? No way.

U B Cool yo, U B Cool.

Abby said...

ohhh noooo..let's not talk about that shirt..ever again. Ughhhh. I was thinking about it a few days ago, funny funny that you bring it up. wasn't my shirt to begin with. I think it was like..Amanda's or something..I just wore it *all* the time.

Jenna said...

You look 25, for sure. Maybe a mature 25, but that has to do with character, not physicality. Like you don't look like some 25 year old who can't let go of 18, you know what I mean? No way 30.

And even though Maddox does look like you, I still see Orion in him too. Don't you?

And you are NOT a nerd. Not even a little bit. I am the nerd in the family and everyone knows it. You are cool. And the glasses are cool. They are the IT glasses. Even Oprah has them now. See? Cool. Me? Nerd.

YogaNana said...

Well, if I were only looking at that first picture (really nice one, btw) and didn't know how old you are because I was there, I might guess 27 or so. You look like a grown-up, but not a 30-something.

Sarah said...

I agree with what everyone else is sayin. You definitely don't look 30. Besides, you are so pretty so it's not like their saying..."ew she must be in her 30's!"

We all went through that awkward "nerd" stage and it's sometimes hard I think, to picture us as anything different. But I'll tell you the secret to having people tell you "you don't look like you could be that old..." .....have a couple more kids....I have people telling me ALL the time that I don't look like I'm old enough to have 4 kids! They usually see me with Camden and Trenton because the girls are in school so when I mention the other 2, they freak out. Always a nice confidence boost. Josiah and I have been told that as a couple even, so I know it's gotta be in your genes....just try....what do ya say...2? 3 more? what could it hurt?

Hilary said...

Gosh, well if Maddox isn't Orion's then I guess Calix isn't yours? You popped out someone else's child. Yeah, that makes sense. Sheesh... the nerve of some people!

I don't think you look old at all. And definitely not 30! 25 seems to fit you perfectly.