Wednesday, February 13, 2008

31 Days!

Calix is driving me absolutely crazy. Every night. EVERY NIGHT without fail, he climbs into Maddox's crib because he just wants to cuddle. That's all he wants. Just a warm body to sleep next to (don't we all?). Maddox cannot STAND having him in his crib with him. I return him to his own bed countless times EVERY NIGHT and tell him to stay out of Maddox's bed because as much as he loves him..he just doesn't want to cuddle right now.

Tonight, just as I thought it'd finally gotten through to him that he needs to stay in his own bed (I mean.. I get it..I used to love sharing a bed with Hannah it kinda pains me, in a weird way, to have to keep telling him to go to his own bed)..and just as both kids were asleep..Maddox woke up. He woke up and noticed Calix was asleep in his bed with him so he started screaming for me. Calix was still half asleep by the time I got in there and was a bit confused as to what was even going on. He was sleeping, ya know.

Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone..?

Also..every time I walk into my room and see a huge yellow stuffed gorilla sitting in my bed..I get a little scared. Orion's Valentine's Day present to me arrived today haha. I almost gasp "oh!'s just you."

Another thing..nothing's more unsettling than walking around upstairs naked while getting ready for a shower and hearing your front door open and someone walking around downstairs. "Hello??" Silence. "Who's there??" Silence. "Chelsea..??" "Yeah..sorry, I needed to grab the kids' medicine.". This isn't the first time she's walked in and scared the heck out of me, either. I think I need to start locking my door hahaha.


Sarah said...

The only experience I have of kids climbing into someone else's bed, is when they climb into mine. Trenton has been the worst. He likes to snuggle my arm. It was cute for a while, but as he gets older it's sometimes a little weird. I always know when he's ready for a nap cuz he'll come in to where ever I'm at and he'll grab onto my arm and put it to his face almost like he's smelling it. Anyway...Alyssa gets scared in the middle of the night sometimes so she will just come out to the living room and sleep the rest of the night on the couch. Camden is like that sometimes too. Like the other night he came in my room wanting to climb into my bed but since I wouldn't let him he's like..."ok, I'll just lay on the floor right here next to your bed..." And it really doesn't bother me. I can understand the frustration of your situation though. Hopefully it will pass before too long.

Jenna Consolo said...

Sorry, Abs, I'm no help. I have never had kids who wouldn't sleep in their own bed. I have never had kids who wanted to crawl into bed with me (except babies that I brought in because I wanted to snuggle with them). It would be annoying though, so I can understand your frustration! Never, EVER wake up the baby!