Monday, January 14, 2008

61 Days! (Happy Birthday, Mama!)

There just isn't much to write about.

As of now, Hawaii is a no. However, more slots open up in we're trying again then. If it comes back as a no again..we will be given a list of places to choose from. I'd like to give Germany a try..but that can also wait till the babies are a bit older, too. Or we can go twice. What? I pretty much just want to travel. I don't mind giving my husband up for a bit at a time. I miss him, I do. But at least this keeps me from getting all kinds of sick of him. Yeah, I'm honest.

Butterflies, butterflies..butterflies. Let me tell ya. Man oh man. Every single time Chelsea and I stop and think about it..we basically start crying. She has that power over me. I see that girl tear up and I'm right behind her. Dang it, woman! Stop that! It's just so close. Less than 2 months, you guys..LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I just want to run into his arms and hug and kiss..but I mostly just want to hold him. And make him take the groceries in. No joke, that task is OLD! Ah haha.

There was a VTC (video teleconference..) on Saturday. Well, there was supposed to be. Chelsea was supposed to see her husband first..I was second in line. Got up..dressed..nervous. Waited. And waited. More people showed up for their times. Yeah, not so much. Someone unplugged and put the whole thing into a big ol lock box of sorts, I guess..and no one could get it set up correctly again. The number of wives is dwindling down. More mothers are coming than wives now. I believe there will be about 12 wives left by the time they get home. That I know of, anyway. We're talking a few hundred guys (and gals) here, ya'll. Divorce is *everywhere*. Friggin EVERYWHERE. It saddens me..but I know it happens. More so in the military than anywhere else, I think. It takes a couple with some tough skin and lots of communication to keep a marriage in the military going, let me tell you. Also..let me brag here and say I am the number one most contacted wife in the company. That's right I am. Between e-mails and phone calls..I'm talked to the most. I wouldn't doubt it if Chelsea is number two. I think we deserve an awards ceremony of sorts..because ya know..I never win anything.

Let's see. I have an appointment on Friday to try to figure out why I'm so exhausted all the time. Really, my life isn't hard. I shouldn't need a nap at all during the day..much less two of them. I'm tired of feeling like a zombie, really. I'd like to be fun for my kids.

There was a bit of snow today. Supposedly, Wednesday will be our only break from the stuff all week. That sucks. I'm not too fond of driving in the snow. Precious cargo, ya'll..precious cargo.

I took this with the cell's camera (that's why it kinda sucks) this morning in the parking lot of Wallymart. Calix looking out the window at the snow. Neat huh, buddy?

Now, Maddox is crying and Calix locked them both in their I get to go handle that one.

...husband? Are you home yet?


YogaNana said...

Bringing in the groceries for sure! Hey, I used to give your brothers rides to places they needed to go in exchange for them hauling the groceries up from the car to the apartment.

And thanks for one more HB. it went well! :o)

I envy you the snow. You know -- sort of. In a limited way.

Jenna said...

Abby, he's not even my husband, but I have all kinds of butterflies too! Seriously! I talk about it with all my friends, like, HE'S COMING HOME IN LESS TWO MONTHS!!!! Guess I love you. :) And I think you DO both deserve an award! Marriage is hard enough, even without the military! Way to go, girl!