Sunday, January 27, 2008

48 Days!

A couple of books I stumbled upon a few days ago and remembered adoring when I was younger:

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

Heckedy Peg

That was random. sister in law Sarah wanted a picture of the shoes I was planning on wearing to pick the hubs up:

I bought those because I had sailor pants and a cute top picked out to wear with them..but then said top was out of stock when I went to go buy it so :( sad face to that.

However, I think I'll end up wearing a dress. Probably this one (O, don't look haha):

and perhaps these shoes? I adore them and want them anyway..but do you think they'd look strange with the dress? It's hard for me to tell when it's not in person!

I also know I'm fairly tall as it is..and I know I'm an inch and a half taller than my husband..but I refuse to NOT wear heels just because of this fact. I think it isn't fair especially since I adore them oh so much. Heels like these put me at just over 6 feet tall. So..that's weird.


YogaNana said...

Young lady, you get out of your grandmother's closet right now!


I'm pretty sure those are her shoes. The second pair. From a long long time ago.

Hilary said...

LOL your mom's comment cracked me up!

I was actually thinking both the shoes and dress look a little bit old fashioned, but that's not a bad thing! I think you'll look absolutely gorgeous in whatever you wear (although I think going naked underneath the trench coat and heels would be super sexy as well)

A little uncomfortable while driving, and embarrassing if it's windy, but sexy nonetheless. Go for it!!! hahaha

By the way... how's the weight loss going?! You looked absolutely fantastic in the last pic you posted. I wanna see how even more awesome you look now. I'm totally jealous!!

Abby said...

Hey..if grams had shoes like that..I love her even more. I'm *into* the older looking stuff. I like full skirted shirt dresses and things of the such. I think they're clean and classy. But..that's just me.

Abby said...

Also..I don't think I've lost anymore weight since that last photo. I mean..I guess I look thinner from behind is what I hear..but I still have gross excess baby skin in the front that sickens me most days. I've also been lagging on the gym lately because I'll have things to do..or things I'd rather do...or it's snowy out there and I won't drive my babies around in it because people out here can't even drive in the rain so why would I take them out on one of the most dangerous roads in America and risk them getting hurt? I wouldn' I don't. If the gym were closer, I'd go all the's not. It's all the way in Elizabethtown..and sometimes I just don't feel like driving that far. BUT..I'm going this morning..and I'm going everyday (except for tomorrow when furniture is being delivered) until Orion gets home.

...unless something better comes up. hahaha

Hannah said...

I adoe the dress and both pairs of shoes. I think the second pair will look great with the dress.

Go on with your Hot self Abs!

Sarah said...

Love the shoes! I am so envious! I can't wear shoes like that cuz I have fat feet! You guys have all got perfect feet though, which I'm 100% positive is where Rylie gets hers. I think she should be a foot model. Anyway. The dress is super cute also, and I think they'd go perfect together.