Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 277

I seem to be thankful for more and more with each passing year. As a child I found myself at the dining room table on Thanksgiving saying I was thankful for my toys or my friends. As I grew, I found myself saying things that made me cry. Being thankful for people who care about you so much they won't sit by and watch you destroy yourself any longer.

Now that I have babies of my very own I find myself so very thankful for them. The way they're growing into these little people who are so very much like their own mommy and daddy and yet so very much themselves at the same time. They have the ability to make my heart feel like it's going to explode right out of my chest because they fill me with THAT much love. I can't believe they're mine and I'm so very very thankful for each and every day I get with them.

I'm so thankful for Orion and everything he's doing for our growing family. I'm falling more and more in love with that man every day. Distance or not, he still gets to me. The two of us have been through a lot these past few years and I'm so thankful that we've come through that stuff and am excited to add a deployment to the list of things we've conquered together. He's truly the love of my life.

Friends! Wow. While there are many of you out there who I totally adore and am thankful for.. I feel the one I'm the most thankful for this time of year is Chelsea. I can't believe we didn't know eachother before a few months ago. Without that woman and her babies, I'd be spending many days/nights being so very lonely. I've found a very close friend in her and that's something that's very hard to find these days it seems.

Obviously there's my root family to whom I am forever thankful for. My family is pretty much the best.

Maybe I could have written something as simple as "I'm thankful"..because I am.

A few pictures from today:

Chelsea, Briana, Donovan, and me

Everyone..minus the babies.

Yep.. I was the only one with *everything* on my plate. Wussies! Okay..I didn't finish it all. It hurt too much! Mmmm..yammssssss..mmmmm.

Maddox had a bit to try as well. Mashed potatoes with gravy..yams..and cranberry slices haha..slices. He pretty much loved it. A lot.

I hope all of your Thanksgivings were just lovely.


chelsea said...

Was a very good one, thank you for shareing it with me, and helping make such yummy food.

Hannah said...

Hahaha! I alwasy think of that year that Jenna and her family and I came to Colorado for Thanksgiving and I think it was Lyndsay who said, "Mom why do the cranberries look like a can?" I had never thoguht anything of it befored then and now I always feel guilty and a little lazy when I open up that can. That's the only way Mike likes it though and since he's pretty much the only one eating it then it'll have to do!

YogaNana said...

The only thing I never did from scratch was cranberries -- in fact, I think that yesterday was the first time I ever tasted homemade cranberry relish. Two people brought it. One batch was kind of sloppy like loose jello -- it was okay. The other had tiny tiny tiny bits of orange peel in it, and it was really pretty good.