Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 242

I know it seems I only come here to post pictures every few days lately..but really? There isn't much going on. I've been spending quite a bit of my days with Chelsea lately. We go to the gym in the mornings..usually drink coffee and have lunch afterwards..the kids nap..and then we just about always get together for dinner.

She lives at the end of my block (remember the girl who let me use her phone when Calix locked me out?). Our husbands are deployed the same place..and are friends. It pretty much makes sense to hang out (other than the fact that we have ALL kinds of crap in common and I just generally enjoy being around her and her babies).

It's nice to *not* be alone all the time, ya know? We're both going through the exact same thing..why not go through it together?

Plus? I totally heart making her laugh so hard at the gym she ends up crying. Makes a girl feel special haha.

So..that's what I've been doing.

Sure sure there are silly little stories I could write about..but by day's end, I'm just so worn out I can't muster up the energy to write anything. Seriously.

Calix calls me Abby. Not all the time..but he does.

We get to see Orion on Sunday. A VTC (video teleconference) he'll get to see and hear me and the babies on a tele..and we'll get to see and hear him. I'm so excited for this I can't even begin to explain.

How cute would it be to try to get a picture of us? hahah awwww


chelsea said...

your so adorable.....i heart you

hilary said...

well... chelsea may be hella cool and shit... but i'm still your BFF! hahahah kiddinggggg! I do love ya tho! just don't replace me, mmmkay?

f'reals though, im glad you finally found someone to talk to over there. what took you so long?!?! sheeeesh. haha