Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 194

They finally got rid of that piece that was supposed to be a tree in our backyard today! Calix noticed there was a huge truck backing up into our backyard on our way out to go grocery shopping..and it took a a chubby mommy running/waddling after him to catch him and actually bring him to the car. I jiggle in more ways I've ever known someone could jiggle. Oh. My. Gosh. Though, I will point out for the record..because I don't think I ever have in here..that I've lost all of Maddox's baby weight. In fact, I lost it all by the time the kiddo was 3 1/2 months old. All 33 glorious pounds..shed. I just have to work on getting rid of those other 40 leftover from Calix's time in the womb. We won't talk about how it was almost 2 years ago.

This is all off topic. Anyway, all I'm sayin is..that tree is gone! It's gone! Well, what was left of it anyway. So now, it's a stump. Kind of reminds me of The Giving Tree in a way. I feel like I should go outside and sit on it. Count its rings or something..ya know, just to see.

Yesterday I got the full experience of how Calix is truly Orion's son (not that there was ever a question, because please.). My mom may remember waaaayyyyy back all of those 3 years ago (ha!) when Orion and I were merely dating. He slept over (I was always always asking him to stay over. Luring him back with the promise of a full tank of gas. He lived super super far away so the promise of gas was essential to get the man arms.) and when morning came, I walked across the hall to talk to my mother about something..I don't remember. I heard some rustling around bag of trash. Yes, I said that correctly. I was also a stoner at this point (also for the record..Orion never was) so there was ya know.. a random mostly stale box of crackers in that bag. And I probably got my period in the middle of the night at some point and was too lazy to go to the yes, I'll admit it, there was an applicator in that mostly stale box of crackers that was in the trash waiting to be taken out. I heard crunching sounds. Orion? Was eating the crackers in the box. His favorite kind turns out. I peeked in and saw him eating them..briefly forgetting what was actually in that box.."are you eating my trash, dude?" and told my mom was he was doing. "Mom, Orion seriously dug through my trash and found crackers..and he's EATING THEM." she said "Oh, you poor starving child! There's food down in the kitchen, you know!" and we laughed. Then? The crunching stopped and he placed the box back into the bag. I asked him what was wrong...and he was acting all sheepish but said he didn't want anymore. It was then that I remembered "was there um..did you find something in that box?" "yeah, some tube in a wrapper.." "oh my god. You were eating crackers from a box that had a tampon applicator in it!!" "I was wondering what that was...".

And O, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I told that story...but it's still funny and you know it.

So yes, from time to husband's gross like that and says he doesn't want to waste perfectly good food (even if it's already in the sink..partially rinsed.). Calix? Did something kind of like that yesterday. On the way home from purchasing the new sofa, Calix was getting mad antsy for food of I dug around in the diaper bag and found a bag of goldfish. I was handing him handfuls and he dropped a few of them in his seat. Okay, not a big deal. When we got home, I cleaned them out of the car telling him the birdies and squirrels are going to be so happy when they find this treat he was leaving for them.

A few hours later, we'd gone out again to run more errands. On our return home, I got him out of his seat..he saw the fishies still on the concrete looking all tasty in the hot sun and gravel and what not. I told him no he couldn't have those and put him on the lawn while I got Maddox out. As per usual child ejection routine. I turned to make sure he was still standing behind me (he's usually plucking the heads off of those small white flower things)..and he wasn't. He wasn't! He wasn't running towards the house..he wasn't behind the side of me..nothing! I panicked! "Calix!!! Calix, where are you?!?!?!". He ran out into the parking the other side of the car..and was greedily shoving those discarded fishies into his mouth!

I scolded him and told him I didn't care if no cars were coming, he shouldn't ever ever run out into the parking lot and how he scared his mommy and then immediately said "And this is how you are your father's son." and then laughed the entire way into the house with the memory of the time I caught Orion eating from my trash.

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Sarah said... disgusting as that is....that's totally hilarious!