Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 183

I did it. I finally did it. I called to set up the registration appointment for daycare. It has to be my idea haha.. I can't have people be all "daycare daycare daycare!!" because ya know..I'm a weirdo. But this morning while getting Calix's breakfast ready, I looked out the window and the 2 neighbor chicks at the end of the street were (what looked to me, anyway) on their way to work out at the gym. The woman on the end? Had a baby likkkkeeee 2 months ago? Something like that..and she's already looking great. This is when I looked down at my flabby tummy and all of a sudden..there was determination. So, I dug around and found the youth services packet O helped me fill out while he was home..and well, I sit down with them to go over stuff on Thursday. Horray!! Horray!!!

Also..this means I won't need to wait till whenever Grandma feels she's ready to come watch the kids (even though I told her clearly it was an emergency. Look, don't come yelling at me for not calling you right away when I need you..if you CAN'T actually be here when I need you!) for me to go to the friggin dentist to get the xrays and all of the delicious..delicious note that will, hopefully, send my husband home so I can start the work on my mouth.

So..that's all good and fun. I also finally managed to get both of the boys scheduled at the hospital for shots and all of that. It seems that no matter how far in advance I call to schedule them to be seen..they're always completely I have to keep calling back to see if anyone canceled their appointment..which yes!! Today someone finally did! Two peoples! And yeah, Maddox will be a month late for his 6 month shots..but hey, take your complaints elsewhere because there's only so much I can do on this end.

Went to Walmart to pick up milk and diapers..and ya scrapbooking stuff (thanks for the list of should haves, Sarah!!!)..and after I got everything loaded into the trunk and Maddox in his seat.. I went to take Calix with me to put the cart away (oh, calm down.. I always..always park next to a cart return for this purpose) and noticed they were a big jumbled mess I straightened them (as I ya know..tend to do because I just don't friggin understand people who absolutely cannot take an extra 2 seconds to put their cart away in a neat line to make the cart guys' jobs easier..especially when they're out in the hot hot sun working! Have some heart!!), and just as I was finished, the cart collector guy came up and thanked me. Awww. He started on about how he can't stand that people just jam em in like that..but that the worst thing they do is tilt them up on the islands. He said that he sees it happen with his own eyes all the time..butya know..what's he going to say to them? So we chatted about that sort of thing for a couple of minutes. But I just thought it nice that he thanked me for doing something everyone should be doing anyway.

That's actually something that happens frequently with me. I'll be out somewhere and a check out person or a random employee..or shoot..even customers..start on about how bad their day's been..or how much they can't stand working Sundays or how they just cannot find something they're looking for or whatever..and just on and on and on. I don't mind it.. I like talking with them. But because it happens ALL the time, I'm wondering how often it happens to everyone else? Is there something about me that random people feel it's safe to tell me these things? What about me says it's okay to just pour it all out? Hehehe. Well, I just love and if it makes you feel better to let it all out..then let it all out, sweetie.

Here's something random: I tend to go potty with the door open because whatever, it's just the kids. Whenever Calix hears me in there tinkling, he runs in and starts clapping his hands as if to say "yay, mommy!!! You did it!! Horray!!!". It's kind of weird.


hilary said...

woohoo Abby! lol i think it's awesome that Calix supports you when you tinkle. that's real love!

Michele said...

Ha. Too bad he doesn't give you skittles or something while he's at it, you know, to really make it exciting.
I'm not sure how I found you, but just wanted to delurk and say how much I've been enjoying your blog!


Abby said...

Michele -

You know what's funny? I totally just started reading your blog today. Friglet had a link up so I clicked and haven't stopped enjoying since!

Skittles also sound like a good time..but I prefer M&Ms more. Mmmm..chocolate..

Michele said...

Ah! It must have been through Friglet that I found you! I couldn't remember.
Well then, it's nice to meet you! And I'll come out of lurkdom permanently then. :)