Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's so weird having him home for a bit. I'm used to him. In a way, it feels like he never left.. but obviously he did..because the babies are bigger. But that's really all that feels different.

Oh wait..no. That and I have control issues now. I want to do EVERYTHING..but mostly the driving because "GO!!". Seriously. I don't mean to yell..but geeze..go the speed limit or friggin let me drive.

I want to do everything..but nothing at the same time. He's been taking over with the babies a lot and trying to let me sleep in..but I stay in bed for a few minutes and feel like he must be drowning in children..so I get up. He never complains..he loves his boys. I just don't want him to feel like this is a vacation for me...and not relax a bit himself. It's also mighty confusing for the kids..especially Calix who wants nothing more than to impress him. So when Calix struck me today and was scolded by his father, he covered his eyes like he wanted to hide and then started crying. Because "who is this man who's parenting me?" ya know? He's so used to only being punished by me..that when someone who he thinks is there just to play with him gives him a swat on the hand for misbehaving..it's confusing for him and he mostly just wants to not be there in that moment. But geeze, Orion's not going to sit back and watch his eldest strike his mother like that and NOT do anything about it. You can't get away with doing that, ya know?

So anyway. It all feels natural..and slightly strange at the same time. But he *finally* got his laptop today (which yeah, I said was his anniversary and father's day present for the next few years haha) so he can do schooling and things of the such (uhh..write to me? maybe webcam with me?) while he's away.

Also..Maddox had a doctor's appointment today. 4 month check up. He weighs a hefty 15 pounds 4 ounces and is 24 1/2 inches long. He wasn't happy at all with getting all shot up..but whatever, he had to.

So there's that. Okay..back to cuddling with the hubs and making him play with my hair (I totally taught him how to braid a little while ago using the excuse that hey, if you ever get stranded on an island or something and need to make rope..this'll come in handy!).

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Friglet said...

I bet it is a little strange for the kids, but they'll be adjusted in no time. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. :)