Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hello, Poison Control?'s me, Abby about the incident. As I was writing this morning, I noticed Calix snuck downstairs and went to go check on him..because I wasn't sure if I'd closed the kitchen door last night before going to bed. I usually don't seeings as I'm usually the first one down there in the morning. I heard Calix squeal and then was running over to me with an open bottle of Selenium Sulfide (for Maddox's cradle cap. Maddox keeps his beauty products under the kitchen sink because that's ya know..where he prefers his baths. He's a good boy and not fond of giving mommy backaches from leaning over the big his big brother makes her do. He's just sayin though. Ya know..for the record n all.). I gasped "oh my gosh!!! How did you get that open???"

AND OH MY GOSH HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!!! That freaking sneak!!!!!

How is it, ya'll, that my 19 month old can open child-proof caps?!?!?!!? I'm so SICK of this crap! Twice today!! TWICEEEEE!!!!!! he was running around pouring it all over the downstairs. Puddles on the kitchen rug (new, too. of course.)..and there were little Calix cradle cap shampoo footprints ALL OVER THE HOUSE! It was *everywhere* and I promise you the kid couldn't have been down there for more than 2 minutes tops.

So yeah..poor tired mommy was cleaning up the mess at 6:30 in the AM. Thanks, Calix. Thanks.

Don't make me out to be this horrible mother who lets her son have bottles of..well..poision, I guess..because I'm not. I brought it up here with me and had it sitting RIGHT next to me while I was typing..just now..and I looked over at him and it was all over his face and hands AGAIN. How he grabbed it without my knowing is beyond me because that kid can't normally get *anything* past me. I'm usually 2 steps ahead of him. He makes eye contact with something dangerous and I'm already taking it out of his reach. That freaking ninja.

And I swear I'm turning into Lois from Malcolm in the Middle. The line I use probably more than any other line ever is "what is WRONG with you?!?!?!!!"..because ya'll..this crap is just getting a bit too frustrating for me.

Oh..and he totally fell down the stairs again last night. I told him..I told him to stop playing around on them. And then wouldn't you know it? He steps wrong and BOOM BOOM BOOM..all the way down..smacking his chin on the last 3 or 4 stairs..all the way down..and then came running over to me with arms spread wide and tears streaming down his cheeks like "mooommmmmm!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!"..and yes..there was blood. Lots and lots of blood. From his mouth *again*.

Ugh. I really don't know how much more of this crap I can take. For reals. Everytime I have it down to where I've got everything covered..he goes and pulls more ninja moves..and jeeezzzeeeee. Mommy's friggin exhausted by mid-afternoon!! Why..why oh why does he have to be SUCH a boy?!?!!??


Hilary said...

you poor thing! is there any way you can put a baby gate on each end of the stairs? that may be a dumb question cuz you've probably already tried it, but hey, I tried.

Abby said...

I mean..I guess this one's my fault (of course). There was a gate on the stairs and just a few days ago, I removed it because he's quite good at *walking* up and down the stairs on his own. He likes the freedom of being able to go upstairs and play with his toys whenever he wants (I keep every other door except his bedroom door..shut all day for this purpose)..and I like that he feels like he's such a big boy because he can actually go and do that now. I mean..accidents happen..they just suck to go through. But how else is he going to learn that you can't just lean over the stairs to reach a toy without falling over, ya know? That sucks to say because he's my baby and I love him..and I really..really wish these places had carpet. It wouldn't hurt so much if they did.