Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 96

That kid, man. He cracks me up so hard.

On my way downstairs, I called out to Calix and he said "yeah?" but I couldn't see him. By the time I actually got into the living room and looked over..I saw it. He was sitting on his highchair tray. No, seriously. ON HIS TRAY. He pushed a chair over from the table and just climbed right on up. So he's sitting there all baby Indian style and what not..eating the last couple of raisins from snack time. "Calix!!!!" and while telling him how dangerous that is, I placed him back on the floor. I immediately wished I'd taken a picture..because it was pretty funny. Ya know..minus the dangerousness of it all.

He's also getting better and better at actually TALKING to me..and I can't tell you how thrilled that makes me. I friggin love that I pretty much don't have to ask him to say "please" for things he wants anymore..he just says it "pwee?"..and it makes me smile SO hard, man..SO HARD!
I have pictures of Marilyn Monroe on the fridge..and everytime we get done washing his hands and face and are drying off, he's like "mmm..pretty, yeah!".


And if I totally remembered our conversation about him peeing in his diaper earlier, I'd write it out...but I don't. Just know it was funny..and at the end had him agreeing with me that he wore a diaper because he went pee all the time.

I seriously cannot wait till O sees him (both boys..but he actually KNOWS Calix and still needs to get to know Maddox. Which reminds me..Maddox totally has a button down shirt, a tie, and little dress shorts to wear for his first daddy meeting. And yes, I know he met him when he was born n all..but like..he told me he wanted to dress up for him and impress this daddy of his). He's gonna be such a proud daddy!!!

Eeee!!!!! Not many more days!!!

Cue the butterflies.

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Jenna said...

It's always a great thing when babies become more like people. Calix is getting more and more fun it sounds like. And Maddox's outfit sounds so cute! Be sure to take a picture...lots of pics of that "first" meeting. I'm so excited for you, Abby! I'm so glad you get some couple time and family time. Counting down with you!