Friday, March 23, 2007

Day 33

Ya know..I think it's super super silly to spend so much money on picture frames in other stores when the Dollar Tree has perfectly good frames for an entire buck. I say this because I had to buy 18 of them. Ah, yes..18. I finally printed out a bunch of pictures via's photo thingy. A week later..106 pictures knocked on my door. Okay, they didn't..but wouldn't it be creepy if they did??? So I picked 18 for frames. For now.
I was beginning to feel sad about barely having photos around my house. Ya know.. I mean, I do have a family. I also take a bunch of pictures just about every day (which I'm sure is obvious by now)..and so many of them are frame worthy (props to me!) that it was ridiculous to not display my beautiful fam around my place of residence.

Yo..lemme just living room is like..full now. It feels good though, ya know? I still have hundreds upon hundreds of pictures to still print out at some point..but what's up now is a start. might laugh. Check it:

My babies! Ooo and some Orion, too! Rawrrr.

As for my list of things to do.. I did all of them except call Insight and Bellsouth..and give Maddox a bath. He'll get one in the morning..because mommy is ttiiirrreeddd! I did call to make my 6-8 week appointment..but no one was there to answer..and well, it was like 2pm so.. I don't know. I now have to wait until Monday to try again.

I picked an awful day to wear my new dress. It. Was. Windy. I'd just like to apologize to all of the people I may have scarred for life while I was loading and unloading the boys in the Walmart..and the Dollar Tree parking lots. Thank golly for booty shorts! So embarrassing!

I did, however, totally get checked out..more than once while in Walmart. But ya's *Walmart*. I'm way too hot for that store anyway. Ahhh hahaha.. I have jokes! But seriously. I got checked out. Teehee!

Okay, Maddox just told me he wants a bath tonight. So..we're off! And then hopefully he'll let me put all of the laundry away..because um.. I didn't have time to do that one earlier.

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tamara said...

haha i LOVE the frames everywhere